We have always considered the quality of our service to be the main variable of customer satisfaction, and that reflects in everything we do. Everyday, we try to understand our customers’ needs and problems and try to provide them the best possible solutions. We pioneered the use of water-jet and blade cutting machines in our industry, so that we could improve the speed with which we serve our customers’ urgencies. We installed a revolutionary skiving system for toe puffs and another for heel counters. And we also are the only company in the industry to print every toe puff and counter for the convenience of our customers.

We believe that the attention to detail is what makes the difference. You see it in our vehicles and in the packaging of our products. We strive to understand what our customers need, before they know they need it.
Because the most valuable things are the ones you cannot see.

Advantages of our service


Our most distinctive characteristic is to know how to advise the best solution to any situation.


We have factories in São João da Madeira and Felgueiras so that we can be near our customers.

Response time

We have six automatic cutting machines to be able to provide a very quick service.


We are rigorous in every process. We price every model based on its leverage and labour.


We hear lots of compliments for the way we pack our products. We are the only company in the industry that prints every piece with the reference, size and material name.


We make the best skiving in the industry, either in toe puffs and counters. A good skive is fundamental to the presentation of the shoe.

Molded counters

Our modeling office develops molded counters to your specific needs and guarantees that the they are perfectly adapted to the shape and the last and the upper. We have eight molding machines and dozens of different steel molds adapted to different kinds of shoes.