Heel Counters

Heel counters play the fundamental role of providing the shape and structure to the heel. They are an essencial component in any shoe and their quality is key to the construction of a good shoe.
We offer a wide range of heel counter materials that cover all the needs of different kinds of shoes and price levels.

The advantage of our heel counters

Wide range of materials

We offer materials with the most varied characteristics of construction, feel and behaviour, as to be adapted to different kinds of shoes. Our range includes the best thermoadhesives in the world: TMS, APP and TAG (Tecnogi exclusives).

Automatic skiving

One of the main reasons our customers prefer our heel counters is our automatic skiving, which masks the counter much better than traditional skiving.

Molded heel counters

Our modeling office develops molded counters to your specific needs and guarantees that the they are perfectly adapted to the shape and the last and the upper. We have eight molding machines and dozens of different steel molds adapted to different kinds of shoes.

Printed Counters

It’s hard to give up the comfort of having all of your counters printed with the material name, model reference and size. This is a free service provided to exclusive customers.

Range of Heel Counters


AVANTGARD is a family of counters that uses cotton and poliester as base. It is made with APP adhesive on both sides and it was made to achieve extraordinary shape retention and perfect molding.

Technical Specifications



EXCEL is the highest-quality family of counters from TecnoGi. They are cotton-based, provide a leather-like feel and great temperature sensitivity. The Excel range is produced with TMS adhesive, known worldwide for it’s extraordinary adhesive power.

Technical Specifications



RELION is the family of counters produced by copolymer extrusion. It possesses excepcional mechanical qualities and it is very flexible and elastic. It has great durability and shape retention.

Technical Specifications

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